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  • Annual Members receive newsletters, invitations to events and the annual publication that is mailed if not picked up at the publication celebration. Annual memberships begin at $40.00. Persons donating $400.00 or more can participate in Heritage Society events. Membership is for the calendar year.
  • Gift Memberships introduce a friend or loved one to Society programs. The gift includes a publication at the time of the gift and the annual publication.

Other Opportunities:

  • Memorials remember a friend or loved one with a donation in their honor.
  • Program Support underwrites a newsletter, the annual publication, the annual meeting or heritage education in area schools.
  • Contingent Charitable Bequest Provisions. Name the Society as the contingent beneficiary of your will (contingent upon named beneficiaries not surviving you).
  • Deferred Charitable Gifts. Create a trust providing you (and your surviving spouse or other relatives) income for life and designating the remaining principal to the Society. Such trusts are termed remainders or charitable lead trusts.
  • Appreciated Marketable Property. Donate appreciated marketable property and avoid capital gains tax, reduce your income tax and your estate tax by decreasing the value of the estate.
  • Gifts of Property. Give the Society a building, a house, an office or a lot. For federal income and estate tax purposes, you can deduct the value of the property at the time of the gift. Or you can sell the property to the Society at a bargain rate, receiving a charitable deduction for the difference between the bargain rate and the fair market value of the property. You can receive a charitable deduction in federal and state income taxes. The Society will sell donated property and deposit proceeds in its Endowment Fund. For property of historical significance, the Society will prepare covenants to ensure appropriate preservation.

Charitable gifts to the Society provide you both intangible and tangible benefits.

  • Intangible benefits - Donating to the Society provides you opportunities to give to the Birmingham community and support both Society programs and the preservation of places that make Birmingham special.
  • Tangible benefits - Gifts qualifying for charitable deductions provide you tax savings including gift and income taxes. Contributions of appreciated securities or property can avoid capital gains tax and reduce the taxable estate value subject to estate taxes.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you or your counsel to choose a gift that best satisfies your wishes and our needs. Please write or call.

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