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  • Sunday, October 13, 3-5 p.m.--Garden Party, Publication Celebration, and Exhibit of watercolors from Pretty Posies, Healing Powers--An Herbal Primer by featured artists Sumter Coleman, Gail Cosby, Ellen Erdreich, Louise McPhillips, and Jane Reed Ross, all Birmingham residents. Grandmother's Garden at Sloss Quarters, 10 North 32nd Street.
  • October 15-November 30--Watercolors from Pretty Posies, Healing Powers--An Herbal Primer. Birmingham Botanical Gardens Library Gallery.

Second Saturdays at Sloss-Walks and Talks in Grandmother's Garden, April-October, 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. This year's plantings and Walks and Talks Talks at Grandmother’s Garden explore cultural traditions in our Birmingham "soul" food.

  • August 10, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Greek Culinary Heritage
  • September 14, 10:30-11:30 a.m, American Culinary Heritage
  • October 12, 10:30-11:30 a.m., German Culinary Heritage

All programs are free of charge.

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News and Newsletters

  • September 2019
    Pretty Posies Publication and Exhibition to Debut in October
    Viteri to Lead September and October Walks and Talks
    Society Calendar
  • June 2019
    What you (the members) think...Survey Results
    Survey Response by Age Graph
    Membership Tenure by Years Graph
    Activity Participation in the Past Year
    Likelihood to Recommend BHS
    If BHS went away, what would be missing?
    One thing BHS should start doing
    One thing BHS should stop doing
    Overall Opinion of BHS
    Additional Thoughts to Share
  • April 2019
    Birmingham Foodways: Cultural Traditions in Home Gardens
    About Grandmother's Garden
    About our Gardeners and Talk Leaders Grandmother's Garden Planting Plant, Spring 2019

    January 2019
    Shades Creek to Flow Freely Through Time at the Annual Meeting
    2018 Nifty Fifties Cake Competition Winners
    Heirloom Cakes Feature Your Faves
    2019 Heirloom Cake Competition Entry Form
    Society Calendar

  • December 2018
    Annual Report to the Members: Accomplishments in 2018; Membership Updates

  • October 2018
    Planning the Future Greater Birmingham, 100 Years Ago; Shades Creek Book Inching to Press

  • January 2018
    Let Us Eat (Heirloom) Cake--Again!; 2017 Heirloom Cake Competition Winners

  • November 2017
    Accomplishments 2017; Founding The Society 1942; Keeping Busy; Publishing; Building A Digital Collection

  • October 2017
    Grandmother's Garden at Sloss Quarters Today and Yesterday; Sloss City Furnaces and the Sloss Quarters, 1880s; Sloss Furnaces and the Sloss Quarters, Early 20th Century; Site of Sloss Quarters, 1922; The Site of Sloss Quarters, 1930; Sloss Furnaces and the Quarters Site, 1950s; Sloss Shuts Down, 1972; Sloss Quarters Begin Again, 1983; Investigating Life in the Quarters, 2012.
  • September 2017
    Warren H. Manning: Environmental Planner and Landscape Architect

  • June 2017
    Ross Bridge Goes on the Record.

  • February 2017
    Let Us Eat (Heirloom) Cake ... with Frances Robb. Society News. Second Saturdays at Sloss Walks and Talks for Spring 2017. 2017 Heirloom Cake Competition.
  • September 2016
    For Science and Humanity: Building Southern Research (2016 Members' Book); Quinlan Hill's Transition; How Does Our Garden Grow?; Artists in the Garden; Scanning; Easement Review.

  • January 2016
    Reminiscences on the Annual Meeting of 1976 and Getting the Society Running Again. Reflections on the Second Society's Early Operations. A New Look at an Old Creek: Birmingham's Shades Creek. The Other Giant on Southside. Society Calendar. Announcing Second Saturdays at Sloss.

  • November 2015
    Donald Dohrer of Auxvasse, Missouri thoughtfully preserved this 1915 promotional booklet, issued by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and the Dixie Route railroads to encourage travelers to stop, enjoy and invest in our city. Thanks to Mr. Dohrer's generosity, we are pleased to share with you this view of Birmingham a century ago.
  • July 2015
    The Confederate Monument in Linn Park
  • March 2015
    The Yankees Came: Wilson's Raid Across Alabama and Georgia, March 22-April 20
    Wilson's Raid by Jim Bennett
    Timeline of the War in the East, 1864-1865
    Timeline of Wilson's Raid Across Alabama and Georgia
    The Spencer by Carol Slaughter
    Major-General James Wilson's Summary Report on the Raid
    Major-General Edward Winslow's Official Report of the Destruction Military Facilities of Selma
    A Special Invitation to a presentation at Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens on April 14

  • January 2015
    Annual Meeting Salutes Bob Moody and His Vision of and for Our City
  • April 2014
    MOUNTAIN BROOK BOOK / EXHIBIT TO DEBUT AT EMMET O'NEAL LIBRARY APRIL 13; April Garden Workshop Features Common Cure-alls for Your Health; Veggie Garden to Feature Southern Soul Food
  • January 2014
    Annual Meeting Offers Sneak Peek at Newest Book, Gardening the Old-Fashioned Way, 2014 Officers and Trustees to Be Nominated
  • October 2013
    Our Next Volume ...The Planning of Mountain Brook; Photographing the Mountain Brook Landscape; Improvements at the Duncan House; Artists in the Garden
  • January 2013
    SALUTE TO '63, SATURDAY FEB. 2ND; Seeing the Scene.
  • December 2012
  • November 2012
    Exhibit Highlights Career of Civil Rights Attorney Shores
    Arthur Shores Timeline: 1904-1996
    Selected Cases of Attorney Shores
  • February 2012
    BEAUX ARTS IN BIRMINGHAM The Jemison Magazine: Birmingham and Mountain Brook, 1926-1930;
    Daniel to Debut in September; Officers and Trustees to be Elected

  • November 2011
    The Birmingham Scene: Seldom Seen Artwork from the 1930s and 1940s. Artists and Their Work in the Birmingham Scene Exhibition.

  • September 2011
    Jemison Book Debuts: Forward-thinking Birmingham. Sky's the limit. Growth, prosperity, promise, and innovation. A city on the rise, notable on the national scene. Vibrant and important. That's the way our city looked in 1910.
    New Exhibit to Open November 6 at the Library Gallery

  • Special Publication from the Archive: Two Industrial Towns: Pratt City and Thomas.

  • April 2011
    A New Road for a New Era--"New" Montgomery Highway
    Parks and Parkways: The Lake and Lakeshore Parkway
    The Lakeshore Bridge-The R.H. "Bob" Wharton Bridge
    What Is a "Functionally Obsolete" Bridge?

  • February 2011
    Local Ash Can Advocate to Be Featured
    From Plantation to Suburban Community-The History of Smithfield and Dynamite Hill
    Jemison Magazines to Be Re-issued

  • November 2010
    Where to See the Real Murals
    Murals, Murals Artists
    Historical Panorama of Alabama Agriculture

  • February 2010
    The Roads to Mountain Brook Talk
    Naturalistic Design Philosophy

  • November 2009
    Digging Out of the Great Depression: Federal Programs at Work
    The Alphabet Agencies
    What New Deal landmarks remain?
    A List of Major WPA Projects, 1935-1941
  • March 2009
    A Time to Celebrate Local Landmarks.
    Election of Officers and Trustees

  • February 2009
    Grandmother's Garden. 
    What is an heirloom plant? Why grow heirloom plants? 
    Sources of Seeds and Plants.
    What We Do at Duncan House Garden. Heirloom Varieties Currently Grown at Duncan House Gardens.
    Tips to Try a Home Garden This Year.
    Lists of Most Common Vegetables, Annuals, Perennials, and Medicinal Herbs.
  • November 2008
    Architecture As Art-Drawings from the D. O. Whilldin Collection (1904-1962) at the Birmingham Public Library Archives.
    About D. O. Whilldin.
    About Thomas Mark Shelby, His Research, and the Forthcoming BHS Book.
    About the Whilldin Collection at Archives.
  • February 2008
    Society Publishes Park Letters: Hand Down Unharmed-Olmsted Files on Birmingham Parks, 1920-1925.
    Annual Meeting Salutes Our Hero: M.P. Phillips
    Cataloguing School Closures
    Models for Successful Reuse of Historic School Buildings
  • November 2007
    Turning On Alabama-An Exhibition of Images and Artifacts from the Collections of the Alabama Power Company and the Alabama Historic Radio Society at Birmingham Public Library
    Hand Down UnHarmed-Olmsted Files on Birmingham Parks, 1920-1925, the Society's forthcoming publication.
    All Fixed for Fall-A Report from the Society's Duncan House Garden.

  • May 2007
    PRESERVATION WORKS. 2007 Preservation Awards.

  • February 2007
    An Evening in Celebration of Parks and People: Looking at Birmingham's Exciting Park Developments and a Talk with Tupper Thomas. Feb. 27, 2007.
    The Society's Olmsted Project.
    The Caldwell of Caldwell Park.
    Society News: Endowment Thriving; New Trustees and Officers to be elected.

  • December 2006
    Celebrating 40 Years of Historic Presevation. The Keynote Address to the Alabama Preservation Conference, By Richard Moe, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation,
    Preservation Organizations in Birmingham,
    Alabama Historical Commission: 40 Years of Educating and Preserving by Ellen Mertins, AHC Director of Outreach. (Originally published in and reprinted with permission of Design Alabama.)
  • November 2006
    Parks for Birmingham, Putting Flesh on the Bones of Birmingham’s Civil Rights History.
  • June 2006
    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Movement, Documenting and Listing Movement Churches on the National Register of Historic Places, and more...

  • May 2006
    Celebrate the 50th of the Movement at an Old Fashioned Movement Meeting
    About "The Movement" and the Movement Churches

  • February 2006
    Revisit The Olmsted Vision and the Annual Meeting and the exhibit at the Botanical Gardens
    Phillips High School: Can It Be a National Historic Landmark?

  • May 2005
    "Restore America": Preservation Week 2005 Activities
    2005 Preservation Award Winners

  • February 2005
    Reflections on Art of the New South: Women Artists of Birmingham—Talks for the Annual Meeting
    The Olmsted Vision: announcement of the forthcoming exhibit and publication
    Registering Civil Rights Resources

  • May 2004
    "New Frontiers in Preservation": Preservation Week 2004 Activities
    2004 Preservation Award Winners

  • February 2004
    The Houses We Live In—A Talk by Frances Robb at the Annual Meeting
    Let's Hear for "the Ladies" of the Birmingham Art Club

  • November 2003
    Name That Style!
    About the Illustrator of Birmingham Homes: Cheryl Morgan
    Birmingham Illustrated: The Variety of Styles in the Magic City
    Quick. How many house styles can you name in the Birmingham area?

  • May 2003
    "Cities, Suburbs and Countryside": Preservation Week 2003 Activities
    2003 Preservation Award Winners

  • February 2003
    Theatrical Tales to be Told at the Little-Virginia Samford Theatre—Talks for the Annual Meeting
    Birmingham Parks and Parkways: You Don't Know What You Have
    The Little Theater—A Brief History

  • November 2002
    Maps from the Collection of Rucker Agee Exhibition
    Rucker Agee: The Man Behind the Maps

  • May 2002
    "Preserving the Spirit of Place": Preservation Week 2002 Activities
    2002 Preservation Award Winners

  • February 2002
    Motor on Over to the Motorsports Museum for the Annual Meeting
    All Jazzed Up--J.L.Lown's book on Birmingham Jazz Greats
    Motorcycle Mania— a Look at the Barber Motorsports Museum

  • November 2001
    Discover Downtown Anew: Society Reissues The Discovery Tour
    The Birmingham Public Library Archives Celebrates Twenty-five Years
    Digging Deep—The Collections of the Birmingham Public Library Archives
    Title That Treasure (architectural details of city center buildings)

  • May 2001
    "Renew, Restore, Rediscover Historic Schools": Preservation Week 2001 Activities
    Powell School and its Honoree—James P. Powell, Birmingham's First Elected Mayor and Friend of Education
    A Community Guide to Saving Older Schools
    Alabama Architecture: Alice Bowsher's new book

  • November 2000
    Aspiration Attained—Birmingham's Historic Houses of Worship published and exhibited
    Title That Treasure (churches and synagogues)

  • November 1999
    Vive Vulcan!: Long Live Our City Symbol - an exhibit and publication
    National Trust for Historic Preservation lists Vulcan as an American Treasure
    4th-6th Grade Teachers Receive 3,000 Vive Vulcan Packets
    Vulcan and the Society

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