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The Society offers many educational programs.

Educational Programs

Vive Vulcan! and The Downtown Discovery Tour + Heritage Hunts now available for free download. Note that image quality for photographs is much lower in these downloadable files than in the professionally printed version available through our publications order form. Multiple copy discounts for schools are available–call the Society.

Download Vive Vulcan! (Adobe PDF, 804K), 40 pages of multidisciplinary background materials and lessons for 3rd - 5th grades in honor of the ongoing restoration of our 56-foot tall cast-iron city symbol. Includes answer keys and 4MAT lesson plans.

Vive Vulcan! oversize pages (Adobe PDF, 376K), three oversize (11x17") additions to the Vive Vulcan! classroom materials.

Photo of The Discovery Tour cover Download
The Discovery Tour

(Adobe PDF, 15.7 MB)
pages exploring the architecture and history of the Birmingham city center.
Photo of the Going Downtown History Hunt cover Download the
Going Downtown History Hunt

(Adobe PDF, 4.2 MB)
Photo of the Fourth Avenue History Hunt cover Download the
Fourth Avenue History Hunt

(Adobe PDF, 4.6 MB)
Photo of the Linn Park History Hunt cover Download the
Linn Park History Hunt

(Adobe PDF, 3.8 MB)
Photo of the A Walk to Freedom cover A Walk to Freedom
(Available in print copy only)

Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

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